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Tanya Clarke created a small, yet prominent travel company in 2012.   Tanya and her team are flexible and creative towards their clients travel style and appetite.  That's her priority.  The companys' commitment is to design an experience that "Evokes" all of your senses, hence the companys' name sake.  Evoke World Travel want you to "Seek, Travel and Find" your adventure, your escapade, your short hiatus, your nature encounter or your original experience.  

So what does Tanya Want for her Travellers?  Seek Travel Find

“I want my travellers to have the same sensations that I’ve had from travel. I want them to feel inspired, alive… I want them to laugh, I want them to smile. I literally want to fill them up with the wonders of the world. And that can be anywhere! Everyone has a different view on where they want to travel. My love is Africa, the animal life is amazing but it's also the rawness that I find inspiring. For someone else, it might be Nepal or the Colorado desert, you know what - it could be Kakadu. I want them to feel and see things for the first time. It’s from those experiences that create lasting memories that you’ll never forget. I’ve had so many fantastic experiences when I’ve travelled, and that’s what makes me so passionate about being able to share those experiences with others”

What does Tanya say about Evoke World Travels service?

“I pride myself on good old fashion customer service.  Travel can be daunting, especially for first timers, I want them to feel safe and secure.  I listen to what the customer wants!  I make sure I provide the right information and advice on their specific travel requests.  I can give advice on destinations and I LOVE to talk travel with people.  I want them to know we’re available, no matter where they are in the world.  They can personally text, call or email us and that’s available to them 24/7.  Evoke travellers are our No. 1 priority” 


Evoke is located in Norman Park and personal consultations can be arranged by appointment only.  

We can be contacted  via phone, email or Facebook (private inbox). 


"That's confidence!  We are fully accredited with AFTA, we are insured and are members of IATA."