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International Travel Manager

(Owner & Director)


  Jambo! (Hi in Swahili).


My name is Tanya and I am owner and manager of Evoke World Travel. I've worked in the travel industry for 23 years and pride myself on delivering the best in personalised service for holiday makers from all walks of life.


I have travelled to many parts of the world and my true passion is African Adventure Travel having been there many times on holiday and as a tour escort.  I'm escorting another Evoke  "Ultimate African Adventure" in July, 2016.  We are fully booked with 10 clients and we will be trravelling for about 5 weeks in total.  We can't wait!


Give us the opportunity to evoke all of your senses through travel!  



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International Travel Manager

Hi I’m Anna!!

I’ve had many years of experience in the travel industry, from Retail Consulting to Product Management and Training Manager.


I look after both international and domestic travel and I am based in Adelaide, South Australia! Travel is my passion and I have been fortunate to visit many wonderful destinations.


My travels outside of Australia include Africa, Europe, Asia, Pacific and North America. I love adventure travel (mountain climbing, diving and more), creating family friendly holidays and catering for groups.







International Travel Consultant

 Hi I'm Barbara!! 


I spent many years organising domestic and international travel as well as events for my work colleagues and wanted to change direction, so I decided to join the team at Evoke World Travel to experience the other side of the desk.  


The magical thing about travel is that it gives you a taste of different cultures, food, music and best of all people. My personal travel experience has taken me to Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, England, France, Italy, Eastern Europe, USA and Canada in a variety of ways.


I would love to help you build your lifelong memories so please consider Evoke for all your travel requirements.



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International Travel Consultant


 Hi, my name is Nerida and i am the newest addition to the Evoke World family.  Travel is a passion and after spending many years abroad I decided to join the travel industry. I have now worked in travel for 10 years and I have visited such places as Italy, France, Caribbean, USA, Canada, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong just to name a few.


I specialise in Canadian and Alaskan Holidays and would love to help you plan the perfect holiday, no matter the destination. 


An adventure awaits you...




Sales, Social Media and Marketing Manager

Hey, I'm Steph.


I've always found the funny side to the crazy situations encountered when you travel. Whether its piranha fishing in chest deep water in South America; finding a zebra on the kitchen table in South Africa; having a head on crash with a blind donkey on Santorini (Greece), or stumbling into a pig pen in Switzerland - its all good FUN (even the worst parts can be laughed about later on)! 


I love to write up stories to share the fun of travel.  It's the itchy feet and an ability to tell a good yarn that I love best.  Have a look at our BLOG for our experiences that will wet your whistle for what we do best... travel.  We would love to create you the opportunity for some amazing experiences in the same way!  


Evokes recent escapades were in Vietnam in September 2015 on a research trip - BLOG.    We are looking forward to some more tall stories when we travel to Africa on Evokes Ultimate Adventure Safari 2016 at the end of July.  Stay tuned!





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