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US Sports Tickets

US Sports Tickets is the only Australian ticketing company that is dedicated to providing US Sports Tickets.  They provide Australian travellers bound for North America a one-stop-shop for the US and Canadian sports tickets.  They offer every sporting code ranging from college level right through to professional teams.


They offer tickets to Ice-Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, American Football, Boxing, MMA, UFC, College sports, Nasscar, Formula 1 racing, Indy Car, Monster Trucks, Supercross, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Soccer, Rugby, Horse Racing, Skiing and for all you country folk - Rodeo and the PBR!  Did we mention the Calgary Stamped? 

They literally have it ALL covered!


Go to the US Sports Tickets webpage or by clicking on their logo at the top of this page.  On the US Sports Tickets home page enter the sport, the team and the city, plus your US travel dates and hit search to reveal all of the events that are available for when you are in the US or Canada.

Evoke may have some industry rates available for some tickets so drop us and email and we can check it out for you and arrange the tickets.  Once issued the tickets will be forwarded to you personally in the form of an E-ticket.


To help out with your planning check out their calander -  

US sports tickets calander