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We're Unique - So much more than just another holiday

At Evoke World Travel, we believe that your holiday should be greater than simply time away from home. We go the distance to ensure that every holiday package results in a safe, stress-free, and unforgettable experience—whether you're traveling alone, as a couple or group, or with the whole family.

What to expect from Evoke

When you plan a holiday through any of our Travel Managers you will enjoy an idyllic escape that exceeds your expectations. You’ve worked hard to earn your holiday and we’ll ensure that you receive the exceptional getaway you deserve. Our holiday packages are custom - designed to meet your every whim. We’ll take care of every last detail - from the moment you step onto your aircraft until you return to Australia.

Meet your Travel Managers

The Travel Managers have extensive knowledge of -and firsthand experience with - many of the most popular holiday destinations across Europe, Asia and North America, along with adventure and exotic destinations in South America and Africa. The perfect holiday might be cruising through the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea the Travel Managers have this covered. The Travel Managers will ensure they take the time to discuss your travel ideas and truly gain an understanding of what you are wanting and looking for in your holiday. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, pure indulgence, shopping, food & wine, family friendly, fauna & wildlife or a cultural experience we’ll customise the perfect holiday to suit the needs of every traveller. Find out more here!

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Contact us to speak with one of our courteous, knowledgeable travel consultants, and find out how we can make your next holiday unforgettable.

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